Meet the VIRTUAL team

As Virtual People, we have been around since 2008, and from the very beginning, we have emphasized quality work.

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Oferujemy wiedzę, doświadczenie, zaangażowanie i przede wszystkim – partnerskie podejście. Z drugiej strony oczekujemy przyjaznej atmosfery, co stanowi fundament udanej współpracy.
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Aby odpowiednio optymalizować swoje działania poznajemy klienta, tak aby stać się częścią jego działalności. Następnie poprzez stosowny przekaz marketingowy kreujemy docelowy wizerunek marki.
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W czym możemy ci pomóc?
Wspieramy naszych klientów na wielu płaszczyznach związanych z marketingiem. Poza brandingiem i webdesignem prowadzimy kampanie reklamowe i stanowimy zaplecze koncepcyjno-graficzno-techniczne dla wielu firm.
We are not afraid of challenges

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We are a tight-knit team

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We delegate a project supervisor

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We create unique designs

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We have nothing but good ideas

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We put strategies as our top priority

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We have been designing since 2008

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We work from A to Z

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We provide post-implementation support
They’re the people you’ll be in touch with

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Grzegorz Kozak

CEO of Virtual People & head marketing specialist

It is him. The creator of our little empire, which could make Ramses III himself envious. The founding father and our private Pharaoh.

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Tomasz Rejman

CEO Virtual People & head marketing specialist

Rejman and all is clear. We are his serial marketers for hire. His day is 27 hours long.

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Agnieszka Kaczmarek

Google Ads Specialist

Always ready to work and impossible to stop. She works non-stop and rests only when she sleeps – but even here we have doubts about that. logo linkedin

Anna Szaryk

Social media specialist

Virtual’s Quiet Water. By nature she likes peace and silence, but during marketing events she turns into a tidal tsunami. The world of social media is created just for her.

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Darek Romaniec

Senior project manager & marketing specialist

Probably the most organized of all Virtual’s employees (just look at his desk). Affectionately known as “Ziemniaczek” – “Potato” (due to his fondness for classic Polish cuisine)

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Mateusz Żurowski

Project manager

He aspires to become the group’s biggest chatterbox, but has formidable competition in the form of Tom and Maciek.

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Maciej Żmudzki

Senior project manager & marketing specialist

Our customer service superhero. An absolute favorite among clients – everyone would like to get under his wing.

Tomasz Stypa

Senior project manager & marketing specialist

Our Brother Bear and the loudest person in the group.

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Martyna Makarczuk

Marketing Manager

No one knows how she does it, but she is always the first one to the station. From the very morning she is full of energy, ready to perform her duties.

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anna wysocka

Anna Wysocka

SEO Copywriter

After becoming an IT technician, she went on to study journalism – yes, that’s an unusual combination for us, too.

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paulina sandrock

Paulina Sandrock

Social Media Content Creator

We noticed that Paulina isn’t familiar with the word “rest” – her mind is always ready for new challenges.

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weronika worsztynowicz

Weronika Worsztynowicz

Project Manager

There is no room for monotony in Virtual. Its antagonist in particular is Weronika, who likes when there is a lot going on around her.

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kamil koszela

Kamil Koszela

Marketing Manager

He started as an IT technician, then spent some time as a production engineer, and now he works with us on a position of Marketing Manager.

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Stanisław Chlebek

SEO Master

Our Staszek Alcatraz – bravely guarding the organic positions of our clients.

Tomasz Borowski

Photographer & videomaker

Tomek, simply referred to as Borek, works 3 jobs at the same time – he is a filmmaker, bartender and waiter.

Martyna Idziak

SEO Copywriter

Martyna is our main copywriter and not a day goes by that she is not overloaded with texts – which is why she suffers from a chronic lack of time.

Hubert Kłoda

Social Media Content Creator

Hubert has two faces. He is usually at ease and it is impossible to throw him off balance.

Karol Madajczyk

Graphic Designer

We warn you right away – we suspect that there are several Karols.

Piotr Mierzowiec

Graphic Designer

Virtual is a place made for artistic souls like Piotr.

Dariusz Wałęga

Front&Back-end Developer

Our reliable, one-of-a-kind and most tenured programmer.

Michał Jendraszczyk

Front&Back-end Developer

Michal is our front-end developer, an e-commerce specialist and an absolute master at creating dedicated and unique business solutions.

Wiktor Radecki

Front&Back-end Developer

Wiktor is a Word Press specialist.

Daniel Kulwas

Front-end Developer

Daniel is our next Word Press specialist.

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We have already been trusted by more than 400 companies from Poland and the world.
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