Agnieszka Kaczmarek

Google Ads Specialist

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Works 24/7

Always ready to work and impossible to stop. She works non-stop and rests only when she sleeps – but even here we have doubts about that.

When starting to work on a new project, she focuses all her attention on it. She takes care of all the smallest details. Every client gets the best treatment from her (confirmed by 100% of those surveyed, yes, we’ve verified this). She is open to new solutions and is constantly studying something – because she enjoys it. At Virtual, she is a Google ADS specialist and is well versed in the world of social media. She is no stranger to guiding clients in the area of website development and building brand identity. If the client expects comprehensive support, she is sure to get it from Agnieszka.

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+48 537 700 753

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She is very fond of challenges

She used to train volleyball, which explains her endless supply of energy. If a task appears on the horizon, an extremely difficult and unmanageable one, Agnieszka will be the first person to accept it like a thoroughbred libero, because she enjoys challenges. She walks through life with a smile, and her cheerfulness is passed on to everyone who meets her.

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