Aleksandra Nawrocka

Marketing Manager

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The youngest member of the team!

She knows no such term as “lack of time”. She plans everything in her diary so that she can fit as many tasks as possible into it – and she meets every one of them to the minute!

Ola is very thorough in what she does. She supports our marketing projects, always committing herself to them 150%. She can’t be absent in any major project. She is constantly learning and enjoying it. Clients whisper to us that they really enjoy talking to her, plus they say you can always count on her. And we agree.

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+48 536 437 537

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She is the biggest fan… of her dog

We can’t leave out the fact that Ola loves animals, and the apple of her eye is her dog Alex. Despite her workaholism, she sometimes needs to recharge her batteries. She doesn’t have favorite movies or TV series, but she enjoys spending her free time watching them. If she were to eat one thing for the rest of her life, it would be sushi.

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