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Years of cooperation with businesses (both local, national and international) have made performing implementations and creating dedicated solutions one of the key elements of our operation. B2B tools – both from the technical and the content/consulting standpoints – truly make use of our knowledge and potential and present very rewarding challenges. And we love rewarding challenges.

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We have managed and developed numerous businesses throughout our career on our own, so we know the entrepreneurs’ needs, cooperation principles and rules that apply in this world very well. This invaluable experience allows us to properly understand our clients and their precise expectations. This, in turn, gives us the basis to develop an appropriate plan and skillfully guide the creation and implementation of B2B tools. And all of this is done to take your business to a whole new level, making everything easier in no time.

ERP systems – what is it?

The full version of the abbreviation ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) in itself indicates what we are talking about in this case. In practice, then, we are dealing with a number of separate modules that cover all the processes that take place in a given company and aim to improve its day-to-day operation.

An order placed by a customer, production management, storage of goods, logistics, transportation or the moment when a satisfied and satisfied customer pays for the goods received – all these components are integral parts of the whole, which the ERP system consists of. Each of these processes is a part of the puzzle, and each must be skillfully laid out to ensure maximal efficiency. After all, the goal is simple: to continually satisfy the growing needs of the customers, while generating higher profits in the company.

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ERP systems – what can you gain?

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Fast process handling

It’s no secret that if you manage to increase the speed of operations in a certain area, work becomes more efficient. And when something is more efficient, by extension, it also becomes cheaper for us. And if something is cheaper, it means that we spend less, and more money remains in our wallet. Implementing efficient ERP system definitely speeds up process handling and ultimately improves the efficiency of our business.

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Improving communication

A properly functioning ERP system also translates directly into the communication process, which is still overlooked by many companies. However, proper communication between various departments can significantly minimize potential problems, which translates not only into saving time and financial resources, but also affects the quality and speed of execution of planned tasks.

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Cost reduction

When implementing improvements within a company, most entrepreneurs are guided by the exact same goal: to improve the current financial performance. This completely understandable objective is also directly connected with increasing the quality we plan to offer to the market. Skillful optimization of day-to-day processes makes it possible to integrate these two elements. Thus, proper management of the combined set of company’s processes translates into a higher quality of the final product, and this in turn allows us to reduce the costs we incurred during inefficient resource management.

ERP systems – why is it worth it?

The answer to the question: what makes an ERP system worth implementing in a company? can begin with the following sentence: the ERP system is the heart of IT solutions. And this is where the essence of the matter lies. This unique solution admittedly can work in many different ways, but it’s hard for anyone to imagine life without it.

Its main advantage, in fact, is its exceptional flexibility, which allows it to be customized to meet the personalized needs of each company. The combination of multiple modules and comprehensive management of the entire set ensures smooth and harmonious cooperation in all departments of the company. The data, once entered, instantly appear in the database and are momentarily available to each employee, which definitely improves communication, saves time and helps synchronize the work of the entire team. And it’s no secret that if something improves communication, it saves time and supports synchronization of the team’s work. And it’s no secret that if something streamlines communication, saves time and supports synchronization, it also automatically reduces costs, so our profits increase proportionally.

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ERP systems – why us?

Virtual People Agency is formed by passionate people with the necessary knowledge and experience. For twelve years we have been continuously serving our clients and providing them with comprehensive assistance in many aspects of their business. The reputation we have built over this time not only distinguishes us, but also obliges to never let down the trust and continue to offer services at the highest level.

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We perform the implementation of ERP systems in close cooperation with our long-time partner, Ekspert Systemy Informatyczne. Together, we make sure to understand the customer well first, and then reach out to him, providing dedicated solutions to meet those individual needs.

If you have been looking for a company that will take care of you properly, share its knowledge and experience and be helpful at every stage of the process, you have come to the right place. We sincerely encourage you to cooperate with us.

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