“Why doesn’t our website sell?” – it’s hard to count how many times we’ve had a potential customer ask us such a question. if your website is to make money and present itself properly, it must be designed adequately for user expectations and behavior.

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#Good Design – more than half a success!

The second, regularly encountered variant, is the phrase: “our website doesn’t appeal to us, but we don’t really know why.” Customers are often aware of such problems, but don’t have the tools to solve such complicated issues on their own. That’s when they turn to us for help, and we provide proven and universal advice that applies in every case: the site needs to be well-planned in terms of UX and UI.

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What determines
if a site will sell?

Well, and basically that would be it – that’s where the secret lies. But how to put these nice-sounding ideals into practice in everyday life? That’s what we’re here for. Thanks to our experience, knowledge and skills, we ensure that you get a product that contains the complete message you would like to display. And once it reaches your customers in the proper form, the subsequent effects will come rapidly.

If you want to use our knowledge and experience to get your website to produce better results, write to us. We will analyze your website and suggest the right solutions.

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Key to success – #understanding the user

One of the key aspects of building modern websites is a holistic approach, that is, looking at the bigger picture and focusing on the project as a whole. You can’t limit yourself to technology or aesthetic issues alone, because then you won’t be able to achieve the desired effect. With the above in mind, the goals are clear and straightforward:

How will a person who is interested in the product navigate through our website? What will they be looking for and by what route will they go through to try and find it? What do they need to make a decision to purchase? How do we make them want to contact us? We can multiply these types of questions endlessly, but it all boils down to the same thing – experience and UX design.

This enigmatic-sounding phrase is an acronym for user experience, so it’s easy to deduce that the whole point is to design subsequent sections in accordance with a model of user behavior. Sound complicated? Not for us. With solutions tailored to your individual needs, we will create a well-thought-out and effective tool for promoting your business online. So, have we piqued your interest yet?

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How are the best websites created?

Our work always starts with a conversation. We get to know you, analyze the situation and find out what you would like to achieve with your website. We live in a time of increasingly conscious consumers, so it’s not enough for customers to say that your website “looks nice.” If you want to actually attract their attention and gain their interest, you’ll have to try a little harder. After all, you build the right results by communicating with your audience and skillfully presenting the services or products you offer to them. Okay, no more theory, time to move on to practice. Do you wonder what the next steps of our work look like? Let us explain.

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Business and needs analysis

The situation is simple: without listening to what you say, we will not be able to correctly diagnose your needs. Without diagnosing your needs, on the other hand, we will not deliver results that will fully satisfy you. That’s why we start with a conversation, ask you questions and listen to your answers carefully. At the end of the day, they will provide us with the data that will enable us to meet your expectations.

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Once we have gained sufficient knowledge about you and your business, the creative work begins. We assemble a specialized team, close the doors and windows, and then together brainstorm more ideas and discuss each of them. It is during this meeting that the outline of the concept is born, and we start planning the structure and layout in terms of UX (user experience) and UI (user interface).

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If the website is to fulfill its primary purpose, it is absolutely necessary to fill it with appropriate content. The materials posted there must not only be rich in content, but also properly structured in terms of SEO. Our team of experienced copywriters has specialized in this subject for years, and guarantees that your website will not only be filled with valuable content, but also be equipped with tools that will ensure its proper visibility on the Internet.

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Visualizing the project

Once we know your needs, select the best ideas from the brainstorm, plan the structure and fill in the blank space with content, we can take care of the visual aspect. Our talented graphic designers will prepare a fully customized and dedicated design that will try to include everything that is most important to you. Once you get acquainted with the first results of our work, we will have another conversation. We’ll find out which elements you like best, and which need to be refined to fully fit your needs. We will make the necessary corrections, you will receive a new design, that meets your expectations completely.

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Programming and testing

Once the project is approved by you, our programming department will get to work. It will be their task to construct an advanced code that will transfer all the ideas created by you to the online space. The result of these activities would be that we will give you access to a test version and evaluate the functionality of your new site in practice.

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Once the tests are successfully completed, all that remains is to finalize the project. Your website will appear on the Internet momentarily, and you will gain a wonderful business card in the virtual world and present yourself to customers from a completely different perspective.

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Working with Virtual People,
the success of your project is guaranteed:
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Professional analysis of your business
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Our agency has over 12 years of experience
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Sensational design
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Well thought-out UI and UX structure
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Professional coding
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High quality optimization for Google
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RWD Mobile friendly
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Customization (dedicated or open source CMS)
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Experience in a wide variety of industries
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Technical and professional assistance
Why Virtual People?

Asking that question is very reasonable. After all, we have to convince you that it is worthwhile to cooperate with us and take advantage of the services we offer. What then can we guarantee you and why will choosing Virtual People be the right choice? Let’s take layout as an example. How do you make sure it is really good, memorable and fulfills its primary purpose?

It has to be imaginative, modern and user-friendly. That’s why we put so much emphasis on creativity. If the site is clear and intuitive, it spontaneously encourages the viewer to spend more time there, and this later translates into measurable results of such virtual visits.

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Web design and development Szczecin

Our agency follows the principle that if we can not offer something truly remarkable, then we should not offer it at all. Websites created by us are a guarantee of excellent quality. We offer a product to our clients that is both attractive and modern. Tailored to individual preferences, the design attracts the audience and is an excellent showcase of the company in the virtual world.

A personalized approach
Experience of business practitioners
A team of UX/UI and Design specialists
Thoughtful SEO optimization
The latest programming methods

The website itself, in addition to its excellent appearance, is also set apart by its outstanding functionality. The carefully thought-out structure is prepared in such a way that it supports your sales and is user-friendly and intuitive for users. What we put in your hands is a stable and professional sales tool, but we are available whenever you need us. Our technical support will help you solve any problem and offer valuable specialized support whenever you need it. While provide our services, we also offer years of experience in the industry. You get consulting access to business practitioners, can benefit from useful advice and implement solutions that will set you apart from the competition.

If you want your website to be exceptional, you need to take special care of it. When you choose to work with Virtual People, you are choosing just what you need most.
You are choosing uniqueness.

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