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Does it make sense to cover the city with advertisements? It all depends on what kind of advertising! This simple statement encapsulates the essence of effective marketing. It doesn’t matter how big an ad you have or how many flyers you’ve handed out, if they are lousy, poorly thought out and badly made – they won’t attract attention or they’ll end up in the trash. Good design is the key! No matter what you need at the moment, at Virtual we always start with a good idea.

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Our services for companies also include
a comprehensive order execution
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Outdoor advertising is certainly one of the most eye-catching ways of acquiring new customers. Thanks to our experience, we are specialized in designing various types of promotional items – from banners, to flyers, to car wrap advertising. We take into account such important rules as, for example, visual identity, brand image congruency, and on top of that treat each order individually, determining the smallest details at the designing stage.

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The scope of our work includes designing advertisements and other elements, but also the execution. Professional technical facilities allow us to offer high-quality printing, so you do not have to worry about the quality of your order. We carry out various types of foil and store window wrapping and are willing to take on bold places where advertising foils can be applied.

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To guarantee you a comprehensive one-stop service, we also offer installation, indoor & outdoor. You don’t have to waste your time looking for a company to take care of it – just put your trust in us. We will take care of your promotional banners, company signs, as well as car advertising

We can help you completely transform your business image!

We have built our success by partnering with specialists in many fields, so we have a broad perspective on the topic. We seamlessly combine fundamental techniques for introducing advertising with modern trends that leave the strongest impression on the audience.

We will do it for you!
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advertising coffers

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advertising banners

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advertising stand boards

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advertising boards made of tempered glass or plexiglass

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outdoor advertisements

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3D logos

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company signboards

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store windows

The proof of our abilities lies primarily in our realized projects – advertising banners made in Szczecin are loved by the clients we made them for. It is similar in the case of outdoor advertising – where the area of opportunity is really large and worth committing to an impactful project.

We are well aware that good outdoor advertising must encourage, draw attention and gain the interest of the recipient.

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