Tomasz Stypa

Senior project manager & marketing specialist

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Jack of all trades

Our Brother Bear and the loudest person in the group.

Tom is a real multi-tasker and a great organizer. He has experience in leading projects in many fields and on varying scales. He always has his head on straight. He started out as a manager specializing in restaurant and club marketing. In our company, he translates this into projects and creates them expertly. He is a specialist in social media marketing. He has extensive experience in running campaigns in the medical, e-commerce and beauty industries.

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The soul of Virtual company

He is not afraid of anything – or is hiding something from us. He thinks outside the box. He is always decisive in what he does. He does not succumb to pressure and consistently pursues the goals he has set beforehand. Wherever he goes, he makes new friends. His jokes go beyond office norms, but our team appreciates his sense of humor.

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