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Do you want to gain a competitive advantage? Are you committed to recruiting talented employees? Create a well-thought-out Employer Branding strategy with us and indulge in complete professionalism! We will help you refine the visual integrity of your company, but also show you how to introduce modern solutions that will attract new customers.

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Employer Branding Szczecin is the ideal tool in our hands to successfully increase the audience’s interest as a result of your campaign’s visual side. We make sure that eye-catching advertising conveys the values of the company, in addition to demonstrating its total professionalism. The most commonly used brand communication channels are Facebook, YouTube, Google, Instagram, or company blogs.

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Guided by the principles of congruent visual identity, we will show you that brand elements and features should be properly situated in your products, designs, on your new website, or even in your company logo. In this way, we can implement Employer Branding in a simple and effective way, showing what your business is specifically about.

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In terms of external branding campaigns, you should pay special attention to online activities – that is, versatile social media, valuable website content, or an accessible video form of your services. Our task is to perfectly design activities and promotions, which we also implement through suggesting implementing promotional gadgets, regular supply of social media content, or attractive business events.

#Modern Recruitment Campaigns

Recruitment campaigns are one of the first and most important opportunities for many people to learn about your company – this is why it is worth taking care of its congruent and aesthetically pleasing image as an employer. A positive reception from business partners, clients or future employees will allow you to strengthen your position on the market as a professional and reliable company – our HR campaigns will help you do this.

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