Dagmara Kiel

Marketing specialist

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Virtual’s biggest animal lover

If she could, she would adopt all cats and dogs in the world.

At our company, Dagmara is a marketing specialist, but we assure you that she is constantly expanding her knowledge, in many fields, and takes great pleasure in doing so. She supports the company’s internal marketing and leads our communications in an irreplaceable way. It is thanks to her that our social media profiles are second to none. In addition, she has a great rapport with clients. She always keeps an eye on deadlines – seriously! She takes a responsible approach to her work and fulfills her responsibilities with integrity.

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+48 883 002 507

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We constantly learn something new about her

She is interested in pole dance. After work, she loves to watch TikToks (especially those with animals, we inform you just in case). She loves oriental cuisine.

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