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The web development industry is extremely exciting, which makes new interesting challenges come our way basically every day. But there’s no denying that those that electrify us the most are related to the realization of the biggest, innovative websites, tools or web portals. Where does all the fun begin? From a spark, an idea that, properly guided, has a chance to become something big and make a lot of money. Because let’s not kid ourselves, after all, that’s what business is all about.

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Expertise and proper analysis #Key to success!

However, some pitfalls await you on the bumpy road to success. If you embark on this journey without adequate technical preparation, business consulting or preparation of professional documentation, you can be almost certain that real problems will appear on your path, which will hinder the implementation of the intended plan. That’s why we advise and warn: innovation requires not only specialized knowledge, but also thorough analysis. Only by combining these elements can you properly adjust the tools that will contribute to achieving your goal. So what, would you like to embark on this journey with an experienced guide by your side?

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What do you need?

Action plan
Team of Specialists
Preparatory stages

So how do you get your idea to take real shape and form into something truly amazing? How do you avoid the fate of many startups that fell over at the very beginning of their journey?

The key is a thorough market analysis, which in a few simple steps can set you on a precise path to success. You should start by reviewing and evaluating your idea in terms of market solutions and possible competition, then focus on properly planning the implementation. On the way towards the set goal, you will encounter several stages that you need to take care of even before the team of specialists starts the technical work on your service. The stages just mentioned include:

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The idea and decision to implement (this is where you start).
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Assessment of the idea from a content and business perspective.
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Analysis of the market and competition.
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Technical analysis of the website’s principles.
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Pricing and planning the implementation.
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Analysis of the development directions and opportunities of the website.
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Developing the specifications – technical documentation of the website.
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Analysis of the development directions and opportunities of the website.
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Pricing and planning the implementation.
Where do we start to create a website?
If you have decided to implement your idea, it is essential to objectively analyze the strengths and weaknesses and assess its real usefulness to a potential audience. A thorough review of the factors described above will enable you to determine what will really matter in terms of the website’s operation and should be given special emphasis during the development process. This is important also because when starting out, the website should not be overloaded with unnecessary tools that you can easily do without. A situation like that (although giving you the feeling of a richly developed site) can be disastrous, because it makes the user’s life more difficult and makes the portal seem unintuitive, not transparent and complicated to use. And, after all, it’s no secret that your overarching goal should be to bring the visitor to a situation where he or she can easily accomplish what he came for.

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Want to learn more about planning the implementation well?
Check out the training material from Tomek, our CEO!

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Pre-implementation analysis
All right – you’ve got the idea, you’ve studied the market and want to move on to specific actions. What should you consider doing next? We answer: the pre-implementation analysis, which aims to produce specifications, i.e. technical documentation of your online tool or site. For this process to be done correctly, professional advice will be necessary. An experienced specialist will not only help you analyze your idea from the business and technical standpoint, but also assist in designing the functional structure and guide the process of implementation accordingly.

port analysis upper
General purpose of the module.
Description of the
functionality in the public area.
Description of the
functionality in the administrative area.
Structural draft.

The pre-implementation analysis is a standard procedure performed before starting specific activities. Its primary purpose is to clarify the basic issues, since individual projects differ in their level of complexity and features used as solutions. Accordingly, this process involves a detailed discussion of the portal objectives, and that results in preparing documentation, describing the guidelines for the public and administrative sectors. Performing this type of analysis also allows you to adjust the planned activities to the budget at your disposal.

Each of the features discussed during the #implementation analysis
should be described in as much detail as possible.

Order a pre-implementation analysis

How much could this cost?
When we talk about the budget of the investment, it is worth remembering the visible connection between the invested amount and the functionality available within the website and the way certain modules will be implemented. The final project value is therefore dependent on what is to be included during the actual implementation. That’s why a project specification, taking into account the structural prototype of the panel, i.e. a mock-up implementation, is necessary for a precise and final cost determination.

I need a price estimation

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Adequate analysis, detailed presentation of the project objectives and preparation of a descriptive functional model are the three foundational stages that precede this kind of implementation. Successful completion of all these phases determines the development of the site in accordance with the established plan and ensures success of the entire project. Executing the project without giving due attention to these issues basically derails the legitimacy of its development and, in a way, guarantees a number of problems that are sure to appear along your way. So if you want to avoid these troubles and be able to fully concentrate on the actual concept and its implementation, it is necessary to carefully consider and plan the next stages of the development in advance.

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Technical documentation = Well thought out project

Develop a project specification with us

Implementation planning

Once all the technical documentation is in place, you can move on to the implementation planning stage. Our experienced team will certainly be able to assess and estimate the scope of implementation and the necessary resources. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that the development of large projects is a very complex and complicated process.

Therefore, it is necessary to provide a safety net in case there are additional changes that may arise during the implementation.

Scope of implementation
Essential resources
Process schedule
Safety buffer

Implementation of your idea – How do we work?

The specification is ready and the whole plan is precisely outlined. What do we do next? We move on to the next key stage, the website implementation.

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Planning the technical work

port idea02

Branding (designing the name, logo and the complete visual identity)

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port idea03

Graphic work

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Implementation (divided into stages of implementing specific modules)

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port idea05

Beta testing of the site

port idea06


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Want something extraordinary? Trust the specialists

Virtual People Agency has been on the market for 15 years. During this time, we have implemented dozens of powerful websites, developed a customized internal procedure and gained invaluable experience in portal development. Thanks to all these elements, we are able to skillfully direct the work at every step and provide our clients with professional support, advice and management. During cooperation with us, you will see and feel your concept gradually take shape and turn into something truly impressive. First, we will pour your thoughts on paper, then create their graphic visualization, and in the end you will be able to enjoy the results reflected in the online version.

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Our well-established position in the industry ensures that we are perfectly aware of what to pay attention to first of all when designing intuitive and user-friendly websites. When preparing subsequent modules, we always take into account a number of individual factors, so that we combine modern and technically advanced solutions with simplicity and intuitive navigation, while paying attention to the functionalities that are important from the user’s point of view. In addition, our offers to the clients are fully personalized, which means we are limited only by your imagination. We create special, dedicated custom tools, and it is entirely up to you to decide what features will be used during the development of your dream website.

The projects we create at Virtual People are distinguished by:
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Innovative concept
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Professionally planned UI structure
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Intuitive UX interface
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Attractive design
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Possibility of functional development
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Thoughtful solutions, selected according to the user’s needs
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Skillfully customized administrative tools

So, did we manage to pique your interest? If so, get in touch with us for special consultations. During them we will listen to your idea, discuss the entire project and help you set a path for implementation.

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