Grzegorz Kozak

CEO Virtual People & head marketing specialist

  • Social Media
  • Creativity
  • Programming
  • Charisma
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In the beginning there was an idea

It is him. The creator of our little empire, which could make Ramses III himself envious. The founding father and our private Pharaoh.

It all started one day when he dreamed of a company that would reflect his character in the future – diligence, creativity, loyalty, honesty and ambition. Grzesiek has all the qualities of a good leader, so his dream came true and soon Virtual was founded. Nothing is impossible for him – he will meet any challenge. He is a specialist in marketing, e-commerce and Google ADS.

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+48 519 192 748

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Grzesiek is the solid backbone of Virtual

The commitment and charisma he exudes influence his colleagues. For them, he is a mentor. It is thanks to him that the team provides the highest level of service to the clients. He takes care of every little detail – as a true boss should. But even a man as dedicated to his work as him occasionally needs to recharge his batteries. Grzesiek is interested in real estate, travel and business ( a small professional obsession of sorts). He is a devoted husband and father. If you want to ask anything, write to Grzesiek!

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