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The road to success begins right at the starting point, and that’s where you need to prepare for it properly. Whether you are just starting out in commerce and want to focus on the Internet or perhaps you are already an experienced entrepreneur who has matured to make the decision to move your business to the online world, you will need exactly the same thing – personalized solutions.

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Create an e-store
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There’s no denying that creating and using an online store is one of the most intriguing opportunities for running an e-business. Online commerce (commonly known as e-commerce) is an opportunity for substantial growth for many people, which allows you to scale your own business and confidently lead your company towards multiplying profits. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

I want to open my e-shop!

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Your web store is your #profit!

So how do you accurately define your own needs and choose the right tools to achieve them? Experienced professionals can help, guiding you through the entire process and helping you achieve the desired results. However, if the journey we set out on together is to reach a happy ending, we need to get to know your business thoroughly and develop a precise plan that will allow you to succeed and start earning much more money. So what do we do, buckle up and take off?

I want to create my e-shop!

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We will analyze the different types of available solutions together and help you choose the most optimal one for your needs. After all, each store engine has different capabilities and fits different purposes. Would you like to know more?

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So, how to get started in today’s e-commerce market?

We live in a time when basically everything can be bought online. However, this does not mean that there is no more room in the online space for entrepreneurs who are just starting out with this type of business. On the contrary, the market laws love competition, which is why any new player can enter the scene and throw down the gauntlet to the competition. What’s more, a theoretical rookie does not stand at a loss at all. All it takes is proper preparation and a well-defined strategy and the market division in the industry can reshuffle in no time.

How to create a successful e-store?
At Virtual People, we are well aware that a thriving online store is a powerful tool that many entrepreneurs – both those taking their first steps in business and those much more experienced – dream of. So, from the beginning of our business, we have focused on designing and creating stores like this, so now we can proudly call ourselves true specialists in this field. Years of experience have also allowed us to know and duly appreciate the importance of individuality and personalization. We know that these are the very elements that allow you to stand out from the competition and can be decisive in the battle for customer acquisition.

Create your online store with us

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With us, you can be sure that #Your online store will be characterized by:

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High-quality visual identity

Precisely thought out and carefully designed layout and visual identity are your online business card. If you do not take proper care of this aspect, you will be perceived like a bank president wearing a suit from a shabby chain store. On the other hand, the right actions in this area will allow you to win over customers on the very first day. There is a reason people say, there is only one chance to make a good first impression.

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Functionality and simple navigation

If you want a potential customer to stay with your offer for a longer period of time, you need to grab their attention first, and then carefully guide them through the steps of the sale. It’s no secret that buying is most often done on impulse. If you don’t provide the recipient with a simple, intuitive and user-friendly interface, this spark will be momentarily extinguished and the transaction will end in failure.

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Additional capabilities and integration with external systems

Just creating a store that is friendly to the visitor will not ensure your total success. Often, things such as proper adjustment of payment methods, shipping support, sms services, feedback systems, price comparison sites or marketing automation turn out to be necessary. Sounds complicated? Fortunately not for us, so forget about it 🙂

The power of integration in your online store!

When creating an online store, it’s also worth considering its possible integration with a sales system or a possible ERP, a computer system that supports the business. Everything really depends on the scale of sales. If it is high enough, such a solution may prove to be not just helpful, but actually necessary. Synchronization of orders, products, prices or inventory is a powerful set of data that may require additional tools to handle.

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Integration with Inpost Fullfilment
I.e., linking to an external warehouse, providing outsourcing of logistics processes
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Integrations with courier companies
Possibility to connect any carrier, e.g.: Inpost, DPD, DHL
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Two-way integration with Allegro
Including full connection of the warehouse and automatic termination of auctions
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Marketplace integration
Extensive possibilities to implement the offers on external systems, e.g. Arena, Empik
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Advanced Integration with Fakturownia
Including connecting automatic processes according to defined cases
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Automatic issuing of accounting documents
Upon occurrence of indicated events e.g. receipt of goods from courier
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Automatic management of WZ documents
Upon the occurrence of events e.g. creating an order causes a document to be generated
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Generating automatic SMS messages when an order is placed
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Dedicated affiliate program
Calculating commissions for selected groups of customers according to defined rules and conducting settlements
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In compliance with the “Trusted Opinions” standard, including automatic requests for feedback
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Login via Facebook / Google
Possibility of logging into the store using Facebook and Google accounts
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WMS module for calculating warehouse differences
Dedicated between e-commerce system and warehouse
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Automatic promotional actions
Ability to freely schedule promotions depending on the day of the week
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Simplified product configurator
Ability to define the target product in a few steps
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Including sets customized by the customer, consisting of assigned base products
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Automatic post linking and direct display in the online store
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Newsletter subscription module
Including connected promotional codes functionality
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Push notification ” This product is currently viewed by x people, This product was bought by x people etc.”
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Integration with payment systems
Ability to hook up any payment system e.g. PayU, Przelewy24, PayPal
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Automatic communication with the customer
Generate automatic messages e.g. in case of e-payment error, non-payment, etc.
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Automatic cancellation of unpaid orders
After a set number of days counting from receipt of order
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Automatic order termination
Upon receiving the package, the order is automatically terminated and a VAT invoice is issued
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Highlighting discounts in the shopping cart
Intuitive display of products included in a given promotion
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Mechanisms for SEO optimization
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Export customer data to CSV
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Ecommerce VAT
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Parcel at your door
Indicating the predicted day of parcel delivery, including automatic bypassing of holidays
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with VIES
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Online product return form
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Dedicated B2B postponed payment status
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Integration with Google Merchant Center
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Cross-selling mechanisms
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