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We have had the pleasure of working with clients from all over the world every day for more than a decade. And although these people are very different from each other and represent a wide variety of industries, there are a few things they all have in common – including the obvious, which is the desire to earn money and grow their business. Over this time, however, we have come to understand that there is also something very important for each of these clients that is not as self-evident. They all want the fundamental pillar of cooperation with a professional agency to be its experience and knowledge.

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93% of customers continue to work with us!

The Virtual Group team is made up of individuals who are long-time business practitioners. We also create and develop other nationally recognized brands ourselves, and this makes us well aware of how this can translate into real benefits and profits for companies. These lessons and experience have allowed us to develop a certain unique model of cooperation with clients.

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We firmly believe that it is professional advice and knowledgeable consulting that are the elements that have a measurable impact on whether a company will succeed on the market. This is why we advise both in terms of creating a strong brand, conducting and analyzing advertising activities and building valuable online tools. These are the pillars we base our cooperation with clients on, and the effects of these activities are demonstrated by the fact that more than 90% of them cooperate with us long-term and on a wide spectrum.

Bet on experienced practitioners and benefit from the knowledge we have to share. Trust the Virtual People agency and take your business to a much higher level.

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Support in creating a strong brand

Many business owners face the same problems. At some point they stand at the symbolic crossroads and have to decide which measures to take and which path to follow. The right choice significantly helps to develop the business, the wrong one substantially limits its potential. So how to make the decision turn out to be the right one? The best way is to come to the right place and seek valuable advice.

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Many years of experience, gathered both through working with clients and developing our own businesses, makes us able to support such people during their dilemmas and help them take the right path. We suggest favorable solutions, share our thoughts and protect them from making mistakes – including ones we have personally made in the past.

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During our cooperation, we share our knowledge with the clients in a way that makes it both accessible and useful at the same time. We stay in touch constantly, analyze the current situation discuss the next steps and strategize together. We transfer our experience into other industries, develop businesses and do everything so you don’t feel you have to go through it alone.

Our knowledge and experience means profit for your business

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Why cooperate with a marketing agency?

Today’s market is, in a sense, unforgiving. Competition is steadily intensifying, and companies outdo each other in delivering the highest possible quality products and services to customers. These circumstances make the margin for error melt away pretty much to a minimum. If a company is wrong on an important issue and makes the incorrect strategic decision, the consequences can be severe and irreversible. It is for this reason that it is so important to do everything possible to guard against these mistakes. One of the basic tools in this case is to work with a professional marketing agency that can boast a solid reputation and years of experience in the industry.

So if you have doubts and wonder which path your company should take, it is a good idea to consult this issue with professionals in this field. After all, these days provide a lot of opportunities for promotion and development. However, it is crucial to use the channels that will best suit your brand and the industry in which you operate on a daily basis. The optimal selection of these tools will be possible only if you perform a valuable analysis that will allow you to direct your next actions accordingly.

Remember, your company’s market position will be a consequence of the decisions you make beforehand. If you don’t feel you are an expert on the subject, don’t take any chances. Trust the marketing experts, bet on experience and let them help you succeed.

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How do we cooperate with clients?

One of the fundamental strengths of our agency is that we treat each client individually. We are well aware that subsequent cases often have common elements, but nevertheless differ in certain nuances. And it is in these details the key that can help you stand out from the competition lies. That’s why, in this case as well, we adapt to the expectations of our customers and act to ensure the greatest possible comfort.

In order to meet these expectations, we provide for example ad hoc consultations in the form of delegated hours spent on analyzing and meetings, as requested by the client. It is also possible to cooperate comprehensively within the framework of the so-called full management. In this case we provide a complete service and management consulting, coordinating the project fully in the agreed field. This solution may include, for example, conducting advertising campaigns, analysis and evaluation of activities carried out by entities working with the client, coordinating implementation work or managing an internal marketing team.

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Consulting and advice –
how does the cooperation work?

Dedicated cooperation in the field of consulting and advisory services must begin with what is the absolute key – a precise analysis of your needs. Only when we get to know you and your business in depth will we be able to define the scope of cooperation and tailor the services you actually need.

Once we have accurately identified your needs, we move on to the next stage, that is, the selection of optimal solutions. The matter is complicated because marketing potential can lie in many inconspicuous places. That’s why we pay so much attention to offering you fully customized measures that will help you grow your business and pay off in the future considerably.

Once we have developed a full set of recommendations, we will present you with our ideas and discuss the strategy for implementing these solutions into your business together. Once we get the green light, we’ll get down to coordinating processes and implementing development, training and consulting activities for your business. And from there, it’s only a step to you starting to feel the tangible benefits that fruitful cooperation with our agency will provide.

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What can we do for you?

If you see a lack of adequate performance in your business and have doubts about how to grow your business, come to Virtual People for support. We will help you get to a much higher level of marketing and ensure that you will start to feel the difference quickly. Within the framework of the undertaken cooperation, you can get support in the following issues, among others:

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Data analysis

Nowadays, marketing is used not only as a promotional tool, but also a comprehensive source of knowledge about customers. Draw information from it, make conclusions, and then put new ideas into practice. Rely on the help of Virtual People and see how many useful things you will be able to learn with a valuable partner by your side.

We will help you verify the data, show you how to properly use analytical tools, and present you with ways to turn this marketing potential into a measurable profit.

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Marketing strategies

When preparing for all large-scale ventures, it pays to have a well-structured plan. A properly defined marketing strategy not only allows you to set a precise path for the development of your business, but also helps you optimize its operation, which consequently has a measurable effect on efficiency. Build a powerful brand, mark your place in the industry

and stand out from the competition. Let us develop a precise marketing strategy for your business and enjoy the benefits you’ll be able to achieve during its successful implementation.

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Building online sales channels

The reality of today’s competitive marketplace has made selling online one of the pillars of a successful business. However, in order for these sales to function as they should, it is necessary to have the right tools to conduct them. These you can create with our help. Take advantage of the offer,

check out what we have in store, start online sales on a scale that satisfies you and enjoy growing profits.

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Business counseling (business development and scaling)

There are many business owners who have doubts regarding taking some kind of decision. They find themselves at crossroads, and each of the development paths for their business seems tempting in one way or another. How to choose the right one, then? Preferably based on experience – not necessarily your own.

In more than 10 years in the industry, we have already encountered thousands of different situations and solved countless problems faced by our clients. Enriched by this knowledge, we can successfully provide guidance and transfer certain solutions that have worked before in other cases. The key issue in this regard is scaling, i.e. allowing your company to expand properly. All so that it can function more stably, operate more efficiently and generate higher profits.

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Training courses

When dealing with clients, we very often come to the conclusion that they require not only practical tips and ready-made solutions, but also the appropriate knowledge. This is why we organize training courses in branding, sales and Internet marketing. During these meetings we show a different perspective on certain issues, share knowledge

and teach how to analyze certain events. The information acquired allows these individuals to understand key aspects of marketing and helps them to better find their way in the business world around them.

Would you like to learn more about the support and consulting that our agency can provide you with? We are at your disposal and will provide any service you require. Contact us and we will do our best to answer all your questions.

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