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It’s no secret that knowledge is the key to growth. It is best to get it from experienced practitioners. At our agency, we have come to this exact conclusion, which is why we decided to expand our offer with a set of professional training courses. So among our team members you will find several certified trainers who will be happy to share their knowledge. What is especially important – not just the theory, but also knowledge tested in practice numerous times!

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Tailor-made training courses

A great advantage of our training offer is its flexibility, as we tailor the whole thing to precisely meet the expectations and needs of our clients. They can cover a wide range of topics, be arranged anywhere and for a selected number of participants – starting with individual training courses and ending with those involving several or even dozens of people.

We also customize these training courses in terms of duration and form of implementation. All these details are discussed in detail with the client, and ultimately the shape of such a meeting is determined by the arrangements between the parties. Of course, the aforementioned time and form must be adequate to the specific issue and the amount of corresponding material, but it is our responsibility to ensure that everything is optimally planned.

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How do we provide training?

Each of our training courses is preceded by a thorough audit, and ends with an evaluation of both the training itself and its participants. These meetings, during which we focus primarily on practical knowledge and share our experience, are organized on the basis of the Kolb cycle, also known as the “experiential learning model.”

What does this mean in practice? By sticking to this sequence, our training sessions not only enable you to understand specific aspects of operation, but also support the analysis process and help you draw conclusions and properly respond to them. This, on the other hand, translates into tangible training results, and as a result, the time spent in training is used effectively and will pay off in the future.

Virtual People training courses – who are they for?

This question can be answered very easily: we address this offer to everyone who wants to develop and expand their knowledge. We invite anyone who wants to understand their company better, get familiar with the reality of marketing, or develop their business fully or partially on their own.

Our training offer also addresses individuals who want to improve competence – both their own and their team members’. This opportunity will also prove useful for those planning to introduce a their employees to a whole new area of expertise. You choose the topic, we will take care of content preparation and will ensure that they are ready for new challenges.

The facts are that the training conducted by our agency is simply a practical tool we equip the participants with. A solid portion of theoretical and practical knowledge will open minds to new experiences and increase the efficiency of future work. So if you would like to learn something new and look at business or marketing from a completely new angle, you have come to the right place.

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Training courses – why us?

First of all, because of our clear principles: we do not teach simple and cliched mechanisms. We focus, first of all, on understanding and thinking in business and marketing terms. Thanks to such premises, our recipients finish these meetings richer not with just dry knowledge, but also the ability to draw conclusions based on experience and adapt by responding appropriately.

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Practical knowledge

We are practitioners who have been learning all the mechanisms, regularities and dependencies that operate in modern marketing first-hand for years. We are well aware of the subject matter, which is why we have never decided to start offering the so-called mass training. The advantage of our offer is that it has been thoroughly thought out and tailored to the specific needs of a particular client. Thus, the trainings are fully dedicated and are a precise response to the current demand of the clients.

Our offer’s strength lies also in our qualified training staff. They are made up exclusively of experienced and certified business practitioners who know how to conduct classes to ensure that participants get the most out of them. Do you want to find out how valuable such training can be and how much useful knowledge can be transferred during it? Trust Virtual People agency, take advantage of our offer and enjoy amazing results!

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Google Ads

How to optimally use this popular sales tool? Which forms of promotion to choose, how to set up campaigns and verify the results? These are just a few sample questions that we will help you answer during our training.

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Many people think they really know a lot about this social network because of their active use. We, however, will prove and show in practice how much is still left to be discovered and how you can use this popular service in your business.

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Planning advertising campaigns

How to plan an advertising campaign that will have a real effect? It is impossible to count how many entrepreneurs have already asked themselves this type of question. We, thanks to our knowledge and experience, can give you very helpful answers to it. Allow us to tell you about our conclusions, attend the training, and prepare to be spectacularly successful in the field yourself.

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Advertising analytics

Conclusions, conclusions and more conclusions – this is what the core of advertising analytics is based on. However, in order for constructive conclusions to be drawn, sound analysis is essential. During training on this topic, we will teach you both. Interested? We encourage you to contact us.

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Influence marketing

Anyone who doesn’t realize the power of influence marketing… doesn’t really know much about influence marketing. During the training we will thoroughly discuss the topic, explain the dependencies and give you a lot of valuable advice that will help you discover the full potential of this form of promotion. We invite you to attend the meeting, where you will learn what influence is!

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Image building

How to effectively build the company’s image and reap regular profits from it? What can be done about it, and what effects will it have later on? What are practical ways to increase your market visibility and convey the image you want to develop to potential customers? If you don’t know the answer to any of these questions, this training course will be a jackpot hit for you.

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Marketing strategies

It’s no secret that the basis for the success of any serious enterprise is a well-constructed plan. In the case of a business, that plan will be the marketing strategy. How do you create it, accurately anticipating both the upcoming opportunities and potential threats? Apply for training at Virtual People and find the answer to this fundamental question yourself.

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Website creation (UX and UI)

The world of web development is evolving at a rapid pace. Understanding the user and predicting the model of his behavior has become the basis of online operation and is the absolute foundation of activities in this area. So how do you prepare a website that perfectly fits the demands of today’s market? Sign up for training, listen to experienced practitioners and stay up to date with UX and UI!

Have we managed to get your attention and interest in the topic? Would you like to talk about any of the training described above? Or maybe you are interested in another topic that also falls within the scope of our business? We are at your service and will be happy to answer all the questions. Feel free to contact us.

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