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It is well known that one of the main factors determining the success of a thriving business is skillful management. This is what influences individual processes and ensures that separate elements combine into a coherent whole and begin to work together in harmony. However, this effect cannot be achieved without the engagement of competent people. Because it is the appropriate people, who have the necessary qualifications and hold specific roles, what determines how a project will end. And the line between spectacular success and utter failure really is much thinner than it might first appear.

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So how do you take full advantage of the potential and turn it into profit later on? By hiring specialists in their field – graphic designers, programmers, analysts or positioners – and assigning specific tasks to them. After all, each of them will have to do their part at some point, and the final result will be really just a combination of these seemingly unrelated activities.

The only question that remains is: who will take responsibility, watch over the implementation of individual processes and coordinate the entire project? We answer it without any doubt: an experienced project manager.

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Full Project Management
What is it?

Full Project Management is a new service that is a precise solution to the problems of today. Many of us realize that development is a long-term process, and that even small mistakes, made early on, can have serious consequences later on. In a way, this caution acts as an alarm light and warns us against making decisions when we do not have expertise on the subject.

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This is the reason why we are increasingly more often looking for support outside the company’s structures and turning for help to experienced professionals who will take on the coordination of individual processes and take care of the proper final result.

As part of the Full Project Management service, we delegate a certain amount of working hours to one of our proven managers. Such a person delves into the subject matter of the client’s industry, carefully listens to its needs, and then plans and implements a series of activities, becoming the creator and driving force of a given company’s development. This invaluable support opens the door to completely new opportunities for clients and makes such things as creating an advertising platform, an online sales channel or developing a previously unexplored marketing area stop being a problem.

#experienced Project Manager is the success of your business

A project manager, thanks to his knowledge and competence, can anticipate and plan the actions that will be necessary to achieve a certain goal. If you want to push your project forward, you need to decide on one of the 3 approaches. See for yourself which one is most beneficial for you.

You can do it on your own

Let’s imagine you have an idea for developing your business and you want to move it to the online realm. You can, obviously, do this in several ways. The first involves doing it yourself. If you decide on this option, you must expect to spend many hours analyzing the issue, but also learning about our market sector and all related aspects. After all, only such a thorough analysis will allow you to carry out an informed and reliable analysis and provide answers to the question “what steps should I take?”.

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You can delegate this to your employees

The second option is to delegate these tasks to one of your employees. This option is, of course, very reasonable, but the condition must be that the employee needs to have the necessary competence and experience in this area. Entrusting such an important matter to a person who will not be able to properly perform this demanding task will not only do no good, but likely result in unpleasant consequences that every business owner wants to avoid.

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You can hire a specialist who has the right knowledge and experience!

Full Project Management is the third option. When taking advantage of it, a professional joins your team, whose mission is to perform the tasks you specified. However, you do not hire this person on a full-time basis, but for a specific amount of time, adequate to the execution of the specified assignment. Thanks to this simple arrangement, you gain an experienced and competent project manager for a certain period of time, who is focused precisely on a specific task. His knowledge and skills allow you to accurately determine the possibilities and direction of the project, distribute and order the various tasks, plan their schedule, determine costs and – based on the arrangements with you – propose alternative paths of development.

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Your business online world comes with challenges and responsibilities!

If you are still wondering which option to choose, let us share another example. Imagine that you run a coffee roastery and would like to start selling your products online. The first milestone on the way to achieving this goal will be creating an online store for the coffee of your own production. Preparing the complete graphic layer and implementation of professional software is one thing, but what about choosing and configuring payment methods, considering delivery logistics, taking care of product graphics, technical descriptions, etc.?

However, this is still not the end of the list of responsibilities. Later on, you will have to implement all these products in the store, integrate the invoicing program or even lay out the inventory handling structure. And don’t forget about the shipping procedure itself, the associated material packaging (including tape, cartons and fillers) and such small but important details as thank-you cards.

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Project manager with Virtual People – your right hand

With the support of a competent person with extensive experience in project management, you can delegate tasks to the extent you need, leaving them to be coordinated and executed by a specialist. Using our services, you are guaranteed that your team will be joined by a proven professional who is well versed in his tasks and can help you achieve your goals.

The settlement itself is a flexible matter and is adjusted to the client’s preferences. Everything, of course, depends on your specific needs, so it can proceed on the basis of both a specific scope of work and a billing model proportional to the delegated volume of working hours. In both of these cases, one thing remains the same: a specialist will be assigned to your company, who will use all his knowledge and experience, and do his best to make proper use of this time and help you achieve measurable results.

Business experience
Highly competent
Support of a complete team of specialists
Professionalism guaranteed
A true partner in cooperation

Are you interested in Full Project Management? You’ve come to the right place. Get in touch with us and let’s talk about how we can help you. You are welcome to contact us.

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