Scope of work

  • Creating a complete visual identity online with websites
  • Software implementation
  • Planning the UX and UI structure
  • Creating strategy and optimization of advertising activities

The West Pomeranian Association of Realtors approached us about their online portal, which was already operating, but was not producing the expected results. They asked us to perform a thorough analysis to check the results they were getting.

Project coordinator
Tomasz Stypa
Tomasz Stypa

Project objectives

Our real estate client's website was intended to compete with otodom, except it was limited to the Szczecin market. The site was to feature real estate ads of realtors from Szczecin and the clients, instead of using a nationwide service, were to have a more accessible buying experience. After analysis, we found that there were elements on the site that we could modify and presented to the client. We presented a number of solutions that we could offer and implemented them on the site.

Założenia projektu
Strategy development analysis
Założenia projektu
Creating a visual identity of the website
Założenia projektu
Optimization in terms of SEO
Założenia projektu
Expanded social media marketing


Our first activities concerned marketing, primarily social media marketing - Google and Facebook Ads. We created a whole new visual identity and layout. The entire website was comprehensively rethought in terms of UX and UI and SEO . We modified those elements that we demonstrated to the client at the analysis stage, as well as added completely new ones and noted improvements in the site’s functionality. The promotion of the Szczecin real estate market, as it was the main idea of this project, was gradually moving forward, and the project itself proved to be quite a success. After 1.5 years of cooperation, website visits increased fourfold.

Monthly number of page views

50 000

Overall increase in site visits


Increase in organic traffic


Phrases in the top 1-3


We already know that Virtual's employees are irreplaceable. Working with them is a fascinating experience and we will certainly not forget it.