Scope of work

  • Creating a complete visual identity online with websites
  • Software implementation
  • Planning the UX and UI structure
  • Creating strategy and optimization of advertising activities
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Netfutter had a thriving online pet food store. The client approached us because they determined that they wanted to become even more successful. Together, we began to develop a plan of action.

Project coordinator
Ania Szaryk
Ania Szaryk

Project objectives

Our first and most important task was to analyze the solutions featured on Netfutters' website and evaluate their functionality. In order for the store to bring better sales results, we had to see where we could improve, modify or possibly remove something in order to implement something else new. We had to work on an existing platform, so we had to conduct a thorough analysis of it in terms of UX and UI, but also traffic analysis. Before we proceeded, we pointed out to the client the elements that should be improved and those that should be blocked.

Założenia projektu
Strategy development analysis
Założenia projektu
Creating the visual identity of the website
Założenia projektu
Conducting communication in social media
Założenia projektu
Running Adwords campaigns


After accepting the ideas and the budget, we allocated it in a schedule and began to act. At the very beginning, we rebuilt the Google Ads campaign, which after just a few months began to bring a better result compared to the previous period - sales results had already increased manifold. We made a number of changes and implemented additional optimizations in terms of SEO. We also attempted to rebuild the store structure and linking to improve the organic traffic of the site, which we managed successfully - the results improved. We began to create promotional campaigns aimed at attracting new audiences and promoting the Netfutter brand and their key products. The Google Ads campaign and social media campaign are still effective today and the results are getting better every month.

increase in sales by


increase in visitors by


lowering the bounce rate by


improved organic positions to


We have no concerns regarding our cooperation. Communication with the team is top notch and their actions leave nothing to be desired. A complete and perfect job done.