There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. It is likely that the same assumption was made by the originators of Instagram, who decided to create a virtual social space based on photos. The project turned out to be a jackpot, and the number of users has already exceeded the impressive one billion users mark in 2018. Why not take advantage of this in your business?

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The heart of social media

Nowadays, it is safe to make the claim that this is where the social activity of people from all over the world has shifted to, with Instagram becoming the heart of social media in a way. There are currently hundreds of millions of active and engaged users who live on the content posted here. Such a large number of interested people measurably translates into interpersonal interactions and makes Instagram vibrant with virtual life.

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This state of facts implies that the space creates highly interesting business opportunities all by itself. Although the ads are slightly less extensive than those on Facebook, but what works in their favor is that they are definitely cheaper. Speaking of promotion through Instagram, it is also impossible to ignore the opportunities guaranteed by influencers.

The power of influence

Influencers, i.e. people who are able to influence a wide audience, are the driving force behind the Instagram business. Cooperation with specialists in a particular field allows you to plan and conduct advanced marketing campaigns, and as a result, reach the consciousness of the potential customers with the product or service you want to promote. This model of activities is perfect for such industries as health, beauty, cosmetics, fitness and lifestyle, among others, because their representatives often have a very extensive circle of followers, and their recommendations and opinions translate into subsequent consumer decisions of the audience.

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