Up until a few years ago, we associated LinkedIn primarily with HR activities, enabling specialized companies to search for suitably qualified job candidates. Now it is a powerful, one of the fastest-growing business sites operating in the virtual space.

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Modern times are competitive, and there is no longer any room for mediocrity. Unreliable subcontractors are slowly disappearing from the market, and recognition and reputation can only be built by those who guarantee adequate quality of service. Such activities also allow for acquiring valuable references and necessary contacts, which are the foundation of effective economic existence today.

The previously mentioned acquisition of contacts is one of the main reasons why new companies assert their presence on LinkedIn. All in accordance with a popular and extremely relevant saying: if your potential customer is somewhere, you should be there too.

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LinkedIn is not, of course, limited to the matter of companies. This platform is an integral part of personal branding and allows you to present your strengths, skills and past achievements with ease. In short: this tool can be effectively used by large corporations, small and medium-sized companies and individuals alike.

LinkedIn was launched in 2003, and for almost two decades has been gradually growing in strength and building its position on the market. At the moment we can safely say that all professional businesses have moved to this online environment. The number of people using the potential of this platform has long since surpassed the 600 million user threshold worldwide.

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  • We build powerful businesses
  • We have been working with clients on Linked In for the past 8 years
  • We support over 60 brands
  • We have extensive experience in Employer branding and Employer Marketing
  • We work with and train companies
  • We are business practitioners ourselves!

Your Linked In in the hands of #Virtual Professionals?

How does the Virtual People team feel in this world? Right in their element. We have been working on this platform for many years, monitoring and analyzing the development, drawing conclusions and adapting our actions to the ever-evolving circumstances. We not only have the necessary knowledge, but also the experience necessary to help you build a strong presence on LinkedIn. Would you like to explore this part of the virtual space with us and find yourself a suitable position in the world of online business? You have come to the right address. Trust reputable specialists and see what we can do for you.

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