Scope of work

  • Creating a complete visual identity online with websites
  • Software implementation
  • Planning the UX and UI structure
  • Creating strategy and optimization of advertising activities
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Modehpolmo is one of the largest developers on the Szczecin market and one of Virtual's oldest clients. From a website development request in 2009, it went on to many more, which turned into a long-standing cooperation that continues to this day.

Project coordinator
Maciej Żmudzki
Maciej Żmudzki

Project objectives

At first we conducted a business analysis. We took into account the competitors' activities, figured out what solutions had been used and whether we wanted to apply them to Modehpolmo. We wanted, on the one hand, for the website to offer sales of investments, that is what was most important, in addition, we also intended to do it in a way that was interesting and different from competing offers. We took into account the need to promote the investment and planned a series of promotional activities.

Założenia projektu
Business analysis
Założenia projektu
Running an Adwords campaign
Założenia projektu
Creating a website
Założenia projektu
Conducting communication on social media


We created a visual identity that was fully accepted by the client. We designed the materials for the campaign banners, we run the social media profiles, and thanks to the constant promotion and planned strategy, sales are increasing, and the company continues to grow. On the website, we used an innovative solution - interactive visualizations of the investment. The user could browse through the apartments in an easy and attractive way. Modehpolmo was the first development company with such a solution, and thanks to that, they gained a big advantage over their competitors. To this day, we still promote their investments in terms of SEO, Google Ads and social media, both in Szczecin and Stargard.

Years of cooperation


Number of promoted investments


Average increase in traffic to the investment's website


Increase in goal conversion rate for investments


We have been cooperating with Virtual People for more than ten years. They are a great business support for us, and we can always count on their advice.