Scope of work

  • Creation of a complete visual identity online with websites
  • Software implementation
  • Planning the UX and UI structure
  • Creating strategy and optimization of advertising activities

Mr. Szymon Moszny approached us in 2012 with the idea of setting up a website for his business. From the very beginning, we knew it would be a successful collaboration because of Mr. Szymon's knowledge and the idea he came to us with.

Project coordinator
Grzegorz Kozak
Grzegorz Kozak

Project objectives

At the very beginning we had to determine the scope of Mr. Simon's work to create a brand from scratch. So we had to create a name, develop a concept for a website with text and video materials, as well as an online store offering diet and workout plans. We were then able to effectively plan a promotional campaign. Mr. Szymon's entire business concept was supported by us in terms of consulting and implementation.

Założenia projektu
Strategy building analysis
Założenia projektu
Creating the brand from scratch
Założenia projektu
Conducting the promotional campaign
Założenia projektu
Creation of the name, logo and website


Mr. Simon's plan was multidimensional in nature. We decided to address it with a step-by-step approach. We started by creating a complete visual identity. We created a name, designed a logo and an entire website. This allowed us to move on to the next stage, which was creating materials in the form of diet and training plans. Here the biggest role was played by Mr. Szymon. In the next stage, it was our turn again, and this time we had to create an internal platform that would enable online sales of these materials prepared by Mr. Szymon. The system was initially simplified, allowing the user to use the customer panel and the diet and workout plans he placed there. Once modified, the user had access to notifications and could navigate the site more easily. Mr. Simon's company has grown so much that in 2020 needed to build a more advanced platform and rebrand the entire site. We decided for personnel branding, and thus fizjofitness transitioned into We also refreshed the look of the website, designing a completely new layout that referred to the previous look. A key element in creating the new look was that all the materials that were on fizjofiness were preserved. That way, customers who had been part of fizjofitness could easily adjust to the fact that it was completely rebranded. We decided that Mr. Szymon Moszny, as a professional and authority, was the main focus of our activities. The entire new platform and layout was created under his image. A brand new sales platform required building a new payment system. In addition, we designed an internal chat room for customers, the possibility of advertising activities, we also introduced the possibility of introducing discounts and running online courses.

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Comprehensive consulting from Virtual People has been invaluable in creating the business. Everything was analyzed, thoroughly discussed and professionally executed.