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Content champion

We noticed that Paulina isn’t familiar with the word “rest” – her mind is always ready for new challenges. Even though she tries to relax in her spare time, her thoughts inevitably focus on what she can do after the break. Checklists, plans, task lists – these are her everyday tools, without which she cannot imagine her work.

Paulina is our social media content creator. To say she is creative is to say nothing. She thinks outside the box, but always meets the client’s taste. She keeps up with all the trends, she knows how to record and edit amazing reels, create great graphic elements while maintaining a set schedule, take high-quality photos… (give me a moment, I have to catch my breath) and besides all that she throws ideas left and right. Our clients know perfectly well that working with Paulina is a pure pleasure.

We’re watching her actions and think only one thing: How does she do it?

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Passionate about marketing, of course!

Her journey with marketing began as early as at the Technical School, where she enthusiastically explored the secrets of this field. Years of learning and development have turned into a deep love for what she does. When the weekend comes, she turns into a fan of Netflix series marathons. From what we know, she likes to experiment in the kitchen (we haven’t tried anything yet, but we’ll let you know when that changes). It’s those moments that show that even the busiest content creators need some time to relax. And although Paulina really could rest more, with a smile on her face she shows us she doesn’t need it at all.

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