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Have you chosen Lublin as the location for your business? Are you looking for solutions that will help you succeed? Do you want to ensure that you are going for what really works? The services we offer fit your needs perfectly. We perform professional SEO for Lublin companies, always making sure that the results are truly astonishing. We take into account all the principles of local positioning, which translates into a significant improvement of the website’s visibility on the web. If you trust us, you will effectively deal with insufficient number of visits to the site and a lack of customers. If you want your website to be really visible at last, put your trust in us.

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In this city we position

Number of companies
Number of keywords
Increase in position compared to last year by
68% of phrases in TOP 1-10
Pozycjonowanie lokalne w Lublinie

SEO Lublin
Why is it worth it?

Probably no entrepreneur needs to be explained that without customers it is impossible to achieve success in any industry. It is them – by buying products or using services – that provide profit and allow the company to survive. If you have decided to address your offer to customers from the capital of Lubelszczyzna and the surrounding area, you need to make sure that finding your company on the Internet is not difficult. There is a reason why today it is said that if a company is not online, it simply does not exist. When a site is highly visible, the chances of Internet users visiting it increase dramatically.

The visibility of the site on the web is influenced by its optimization, but also by a number of other activities included in the scope of local positioning in Lublin. If you enter into continuous cooperation with us, you can be sure that your site will achieve really good search results. What’s more, we will make sure that the key phrases are chosen very carefully. As a result, you will regularly attract new customers. Positioning business websites in Lublin really pays off, and this is true no matter what industry you are in. Remember that this is one of the most effective ways to attract new customers.

Local positioning

Positioning is not something we’ve been doing since yesterday. We have a really rich experience in this field. Our team is composed of qualified employees who have both extensive theoretical knowledge and great practical skills in the field of positioning. Each client is treated fully individually. We always choose solutions that suit the client. This is why we get such good results. We work efficiently, quickly and at the same time very accurately, so that the results we promise appear. On top of that, we stand out in the market with a really friendly pricing policy. We have never overpriced our services and absolutely don’t intend to do so. We care about our customers’ satisfaction in every respect. We know that affordable prices are what largely affect the level of satisfaction.

wzrosty po pozycjonowaniu lokalnym w Lublinie

Example of local phrases and their search volume

Local phrase Wolumen wyszukiwania
restaurant Lublin 18100
accommodation Lublin 4400
florist Lublin 5400
positioning Lublin 480

The above summary shows how much you can gain by effectively positioning your company website. There is a reason why this form of marketing is considered one of the best today, especially for small and medium-sized businesses!

Online store SEO in Lublin

If you decide to entrust us with local positioning in Lublin, you can be sure that you will gain a lot. Your website will be highly visible on the web. This is because it will begin to occupy a higher position in search results for phrases related to the industry you operate in. This will be associated with a much higher number of visits. The more Internet users visit your site, the greater the chances that among them will be someone who decides to use your services or buy your products. This means an increase in sales. If you invest in professional website positioning in Lublin, you can be sure of higher profits. This is an expense that will really pay you back and contribute to the development of your business. By putting your trust in our positioning services, you don’t have to worry about whether everything will be done professionally.

rozwój Twojej firmy dzięki pozycjonowaniu w Lublinie
What does positioning with Virtual People look like?
wybór słów kluczowych

Selection of keywords

First of all, we deal with the correct keyword selection. They are the basis for further activities and must be matched to the scope of the company’s activities, the target audience, as well as competition. The latter is meticulously analyzed by our specialists, so ultimately we can match keywords that can be successfully positioned in the best Google search engine positions, which in turn will translate into the number of organic visits to the website, while optimizing the SEO costs.

audyt SEO

SEO audit

The basis for all SEO activities in Szczecin is a reliable SEO audit. We perform it at the very beginning, and its scope includes not only the selection of keywords, but also a thorough check of the entire site in terms of technical aspects, as well as the content contained. On this basis, we are able to define detailed guidelines related to the site optimization from every angle. With the implementation of recommendations from the SEO audit, further actions will be able to bring the desired result.

optymalizacja techniczna

Technical optimization

To effectively position websites in Szczecin, you must first optimize the site technically. With the right experience, we are able to tailor any site to meet Google’s guidelines, making it algorithm-friendly. This, in turn, will effectively raise the visibility of the site in search results. This is a very important stage, as a website has no chance to rank high in search results without proper technical optimization. All our activities are based on a professional SEO audit.

budowanie treści

Content building

A website consists not only of the technical layer, but also the content. That’s what search engine bots are most interested in, as they index the content and build its position within the results for given keywords. Together with a well-optimized site, properly planned content will allow you to achieve the desired results. The content must have the right structure, value for bots, and optimization for key phrases. All this we are able to do in a way that makes the site perfectly suitable for search engine requirements!

optymalizacja treści

Content optimization

If a website already contains content, it usually needs to be optimized. Our job is to optimize existing content based on an SEO audit. We will adjust each page in terms of keywords, structure, as well as other elements relevant to Google bots. This will make further SEO efforts effective.

link building

Quality link building

Anyone who is interested in SEO knows that it is important to build a link base. However, this is not as easy as it might seem, as not every link will effectively position a site. Thanks to our experience, we are able to acquire valuable links, and thus position sites optimally from a financial point of view.

analiza i raportowanie SEO

Analysis and reporting

The process of SEO optimization and positioning of websites in Szczecin is relatively long. Increasing a site’s position in search results can take from several weeks to several months. During this time, you need to regularly implement specific actions, and we, through the use of appropriate software, are able to accurately monitor this process. Analysis and performance reports are included in all positioning activities.

konsultacje SEO


SEO is an arduous process that is influenced by hundreds of factors. For a site owner who is a layman in this field, most of the activities will be incomprehensible. At our agency, we provide expert support at every stage of positioning, and our clients are in constant contact with the relevant specialists. As a result, our actions are tailored to the needs of the client and the site in question, all in order to make SEO in Szczecin effective.

FAQ – frequently asked questions about SEO in Lublin.

To know the cost of positioning your company website in Lublin, you need to order us to prepare a professional evaluation. This is because you need to remember that it is impossible to prepare a fixed price list applicable to each site. The cost of positioning is affected by many factors, which are always taken into account in the evaluation. Importantly, you should not be afraid to order a price estimate from us. We do not charge any fee for it. It is absolutely free and does not oblige you to anything. Based on the estimates we provide, you decide whether you want to use our services.

You need to know that the waiting time for the results of local positioning in Lublin can vary. How long you will have to wait depends, among other things, on the industry in which you operate, as well as how competitive the phrases are. For some sites, the effects are visible almost immediately. It only takes a few weeks for the measures we have implemented to be clearly noticeable. However, it may be that you will have to wait even a few months for them. Remember, however, that it is really worth it. A well-executed local positioning in Lublin is something really worth investing in. Greater visibility of the site always translates into profits.

The detailed process of SEO in Lublin is quite complicated, but it consists of an SEO audit, implementation of guidelines and building a link base. What exact actions need to be implemented on a particular site, we are able to determine only after the SEO audit is performed. Optimization measures on a page may be minor, but sometimes the entire site needs to be rebuilt.

A business in Lublin – is it worth it?

If running a business in Lublin does not bring satisfactory profits, it is important to consider why this is the case. In most cases, local positioning is failing, which is either done incorrectly or requires minor adjustments. To find the source of the problem, you can perform a free SEO audit with us. Having a strong local SEO will ensure a higher number of visits to your website and catch the attention of potential customers who are looking for specific listings on the search engine. An optimized website guarantees the success of your business. This means that good local SEO in Lodz will ensure a higher turnover, which is noticeable after just a few months.

Technologies and tools used
narzędzia SEO wykorzystywane przez VirtualPeople
Positioning campaign types
pozycjonowanie szerokie dla sklepów internetowych

Broad positioning for nationwide companies

Thanks to the precise selection of keywords, we can effectively position pages with the so-called long tail positioning. This will allow us to achieve great results in terms of page views for strictly defined target groups of a given company while optimizing positioning costs.

pozycjonowanie usług lokalnych

Broad positioning of local services

Broad positioning in Szczecin for locally operating companies will allow you to reach the audience that is looking for a specific service with relative ease. At the same time, it will allow you to avoid competing with much larger sites and optimize your budget.

pozycjonowanie sklepów internetowych

Broad store positioning

If you are positioning an online store in Szczecin, you can use long tail positioning. This will allow you to increase the number of hits to your site while maintaining a very high conversion rate.

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