Kamil Koszela

Marketing manager

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The engineer on board!

He started as an IT technician, then spent some time as a production engineer, and now he works with us on a position of Marketing Manager.

As you can rightly notice, Kamil has extensive technical knowledge, which he successfully uses in his work. He is conscientious and organized, and his analytical skills are invaluable when developing our clients’ marketing strategies. He carefully analyzes said strategies, supervises them and monitors their effectiveness. Customers value him for his meticulousness and reliability. He bravely deals with every problem he encounters.

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Sometimes you have to go ashore

Although Kamil always acts in crisis situations (seriously, he is so reliable), he values his ​​rest. In his spare time, he loves good food or good anime, and he has very refined taste. He often competes with Mateusz in FIFA – each of them believes to be the better one, but it’s not for us to judge. Honestly, we don’t judge. Okay, we have our pick, but we won’t say a word. However, it is because Kamil knows how to rest that he is so effective in what he does.

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